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The Travels of a
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Pirate Talk
Ahoy Hello
Stop and give attention
Aye Aye! I will action immediately
Arr! I agree
Be Am, are or is e.g. "I's be setting sail"
Beauty How to address a young lady as in "ahoy me beauty"
Bilge Rat An rather disagreeable person
Black Spotted Marked for death
Booty Treasure acquired un-lawfully
Bung Hole Your mouth or where vitals come from
Cackle Fruit Eggs
Cat o' Nine Tails A whip with nine cords or "tails" used for punishment. For serious crimes the ends were notted
Davy Jones' Locker The place at the bottom of sea that holds dead sailors. Davy Jones being the spirit that awaits those to be escorted to his locker
Duffle Everything a pirate owns hence duffle bag
Dungbie Rear end
Grog Alcoholic beverage usually rum
Head A marine toilet
Hempen Halter A hangman's noose
Hornpipe Musical instrument
Hornswaggle To cheat
Jacob's Ladder The ladder used to climb aboard a ship
Jolly Roger A flag with skull and crossed bones
Keelhaul To haul (someone) under the keel of the ship (as punishment)
Kissing the Gunners Daugther Getting flogged
Lubber Lover of, as in a land lover "landlubber"
Marooned To put ashore on a desert island
Mate Friend, acquaintance or ally.
Me My
Monkey A small cannon
Pieces of Eight An old Spanish silver coin (not gold)
Rigging All that stuff in the sails, masts and spars
Six Pounders Cannons (after the weight of the ball)
Scuttle To intentionally sink a ship by cutting a hole in the hull
Smartly Do it with vigour as in "Get my grog, smartly I say"
Shiver me Timbers Expression of surprise
Swing the Lead A lead weight on a line used near shore to tell the depth of water. The job was the easiest on the ship and hence the term being used for slacking off
Three Sheets to the Wind To cast out all three sails causing the ship to shudder like a drunken sailor, hence the term being used for drunk
Titivate To clean up or make shipshape
Weight the Anchor To heave up the anchor before setting sail
Ye You
Talk Like A Pirate Day
Set it in your diary as 19th September and learn some of the above to impress your Pirate Friends.
Famous Pirates
Barbarossa "Red Beard"
Samuel Bellamy "Black Bellamy"
Maurycy Beniowski "Baron Maurice de Benyowski"
Stede Bonnet "Major Stede Bonnet"
Anne Bonny (female)  
William Dampier  
Francis Drake "The Gentleman Pirate"
Thomas Jones  
William Kidd "Captain Kidd"
Jean Laffite  
Henry Morgan  
Jack Rackham "Calico Jack"
Mary Read (female)  
Bartholomew Roberts "Great Pirate Roberts"
Edward Teach
Pirate Code of Conduct

Oddly even though Pirates were un-lawful, they still had to have a code of conduct or the ship would not function, here is a sample:

  • Every man shall obey civil Command; the Captain shall have one full share and a half in all Prizes; the Master, Carpenter, Boatswain and Gunner shall have one Share and quarter.
  • If any man shall offer to run away, or keep any Secret from the Company, he shall be marroon'd with one Bottle of Powder, one Bottle of Water, one small Arm and shot.
  • If any Many shall steel any Thing in the Company, or game, to the Value of a Piece of Eight, he shall be marroon'd or shot.
  • If at any Time we should meet another Marrooner (that is Pyrate) that Man that shall sign his Articles without the Consent of our Company, shall suffer such Punishment as the Captain and Company shall think fit.
  • That Man that shall strike another whilst these Articles are in force, shall receive Mose's Law (that is 40 stripes lacking one) on the bare Back.
  • That Man that shall snap his Arms, or smoak Tobacco in the Hold, without a cap to his Pipe, or carry a Candle lighted without a Lanthorn, shall suffer the same Punishment as in the former Article.
  • That Man that shall not keep his Arms clean, fit for an Engagement, or neglect his Business, shall be cut off from his Share, and suffer such other Punishment as the Captain and the Company shall think fit.
  • If any Man shall lose a Joint in time of an Engagement he shall have 400 pieces of Eight; if a limb 800.
  • If at any time you meet with a prudent Woman, that Man that offers to meddle with her, without her Consent, shall suffer present Death.